D.I.Y with D.A.D

two young boys sit on their father's lap

What better way to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day than with some D.I.Y and tools? This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17th and we have two fun crafts that even the littlest of hands can do with Dad to create, celebrate, and spend time together.

#1 – Wood Work Wonder

Head to your local craft and or hardware store and pick up some supplies. You’ll need some wood glue, small “trim” nails, a small hammer (8ozs is perfect), lots of small wood pieces in varying shapes and sizes, and some imagination!

Choose wooden craft pieces like balls, dowels, squares, rectangles, circles, etc. Group them all up and then let your creativity run wild! Create the wood version of a common object like a robot, car, or house. Or start putting pieces together and see where it takes you – abstract art is fun too! Work on one together, or let Dad do his and the kiddos do theirs – gift them to Dad when they are done!

#2 – Nuts and Bolts and Washers – Oh My!

For this project, you’ll need a basic wood frame from any craft store. Or re-purpose a photo frame you have at home. The simpler, the better. Next, hit up the hardware store for packages of nuts and washers of varying shapes and sizes. Last, you’ll need some wood glue.

This is a perfect project for little fingers to practice their fine motor skills! Have dad put a layer of glue on the frame and let your kids lay out the washers and nuts any way they like. Create a pattern, layer, or be creative, the sky is the limit.

When the glue is dry, place your favorite picture of Dad and his kiddos in the frame. It makes a great desk decoration and reminder of how even the smallest hands can do big work!

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