The Youthland Difference

Focused on Your Child

Each Youthland Academy is designed to make your child’s day with us a happy and healthy one. We are more than a daycare center.

Youthland’s open floor plans assure your child’s maximum safety. Child-sized furniture and equipment are meticulously maintained for cleanliness and safety. Rugged playground equipment encourages healthy outdoor play. Nutritious, hot meals each day help to keep your child mentally alert and physically active.

Limited enrollment guarantees your child personal attention from our teachers. Your child is always the most important part of what we do at Youthland Academy!

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Learning through Discovery

Youthland Academy’s hand-on curriculum and child-directed learning programs stimulate and guide your child’s natural love for learning. Our curriculum is designed to guide your child through the completion of important preschool cognitive skills at a pace that is just right for young, eager minds.

The Importance of the Right Choice

Clocks, dolls, colors, numbers, weather, baby animals, holidays, turtles and airplanes. These are just a few of the wondrous new worlds your child will explore with Youthland Academy.

Each morning, toddlers venture into a world of colors, shapes and textures. Our pre-kindergarten students learn the days of the week, how to tell time, and prepare for reading by learning letters and numbers. All of our students are thrilled by popular stories and learn about the world around them with teachers who are as excited about new discoveries as their students are.

In our childcare center, afternoons provide a quiet time for a nap followed by a variety of exciting activities. With our “discovery centers,” your child may paint a picture, lead a symphony of drums, triangles, and xylophones, or head out on Youthland Academy’s “open road” as the driver of a big red truck.

From time to time, Youthland Academy students welcome visitors from the community—perhaps a firefighter will share with them what it is like to climb a sixty-foot ladder or a pet store owner will explain why spiders spin webs. Our students also supplement their in-class work with visits to many places in their community throughout the year.

The Premium Childcare Difference

  • Art allows students to express themselves and their views of the world around them.
  • Motor skills develop as students climb, jump, skip and run.
  • Music is played and composed or sometimes just listened to and enjoyed.
  • Social skills are developed as your child learns to work and share with others.

The Benefits for Busy Parents

  • Our program caters to your needs by offering you the convenience as well as the opportunity to share in your child’s day.
  • There is a Youthland Academy close to where you work.
  • Our open door parent policy encourages you to visit your child at Youthland Academy any time. You are always welcome at our learning centers.