Celebrate Spring With These 5 Fun Activities!

Celebrate Spring With These 5 Fun Activities!

If you’re like us, you’ve been dreaming of warmer temps, blooming flowers, and long summer nights.  With spring just a week away, we wanted to share some of our favorite things to do to enjoy the season. What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate spring?

Go for a Picnic in the Mt. Airy Forest

A picnic is always a fun and inexpensive way to get outdoors after the long winter. The kids can help you plan the menu, make the meal, and pick the perfect spot. Dayton and the Greater Cincinnati areas are home to many great parks including Winton Woods, South Fork Park, and Centennial Park at Houk Stream. The Mt. Airy Forest covers over 1,500 acres and is the perfect place for a picnic or a hike.

Make a Bird Feeder

There are all sorts of ways to serve up treats to your feathered friends. You can make this bird feeder using an old juice or milk jug. You can also try these eco-friendly feeders made from pinecones or a log, or these adorable birdseed ornaments.

Start a Garden

Whether you have a yard, a patio, or a pot in the window, now is the perfect time to get planting. While gardening can be educational for kids, it’s also something that most will enjoy doing. Seeing the beautiful blossoms or harvesting some veggies for a salad will generate a tremendous amount of pride.

Make a Paper Garden Instead

If your thumb isn’t so green, there are many ways to bring the feel of flowers into your home. For example, you can create these beautiful flowers using some paint, glue, and paper plates. Or try these, which simply require some construction paper and glue.

Paint and Hide Some Spring-Themed Rocks

This is a fun activity that will add a little beauty to your neighborhood, while also quieting your child’s mind. Painting rocks can be a lot of fun and also very calming. You can choose a springtime theme such as bunnies, chicks, flowers, or a simple pastel design. Many cities have Facebook groups where you can share both rocks you’ve painted and rocks you have found.

How will your family celebrate spring this year? We would love to hear your ideas. Let us know on Facebook!