Beat the Heat With These Indoor Activities This Summer!

Kids playing hula hoop Youthland Academies

About five minutes into summer break, you likely heard the piercing two-word phrase… “I’m bored!” After going to all the parks, pools, zoos, and museums, what’s left to do? If you are tired of the great outdoors, we have come up with some creative indoor activities to keep the family entertained all summer long! Keep reading for some great indoor activities you can do right now, using items you likely already have!

Make an Epic Fort

Take your run-of-the-mill blanket fort and kick it up a notch. Depending on your furniture and layout you can utilize couches, tables, and all available throw pillows to create the greatest fort of all time. Make a fort spacious enough for the whole family, even letting the kids “camp out” if space allows. While it’s easy to get carried away when making your epic fort, always keep safety in mind. Make sure nothing can fall on or injure your little one.

Bake Up Something Sweet

Most kids will enjoy making a mess in the kitchen. Pull out an old cookbook, find something yummy, and get to work! To make it even more fun, you can turn your cooking time into a cooking content! Get out a few ingredients and have the whole family participate in a modified version of Chopped! Of course, you’ll want to ensure little ones are working with a grown-up assistant.

Have a Movie Marathon

Yes, we know. Sitting in front of the TV is not the best way to spend the summer. But a classic movie marathon with the family can be a relaxing way to bond with the family over movie classics you all enjoy. Consider classics like Star Wars, Back to the Future, or the Shrek franchise. Choose something that is fun and also age-appropriate for all viewers. Make some popcorn, get out the pillows, and settle in with the kiddos.

Break Out the Legos

Legos and Duplo Bricks are timeless toys that the whole family can have fun with. You can build a city, play a game, or even create art. Check out these great ideas from Lego Family.

And Finally…. Take a Moment to Relax

What’s one thing most kids can agree on? Watching a movie, sitting around, and just hanging out is quality time well spent. Both kids and parents spend so much time on the go, consistently shuffling from one activity to the next. It’s important to make time to just chill out with the ones you love – whatever that means to you.

What are some of your favorite indoor activities to keep the young ones engaged? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below!