6 Tips for Reading With Your Child at Any Age

6 Tips for Reading With Your Child at Any Age

Reading with your child has many benefits from an educational standpoint, but more importantly, it is a wonderful way for you to bond. For many people, some of their favorite childhood memories involve a bedtime story – but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until nightfall to read! Here are some great ideas to help you read with your child at any age!

Create a Routine

Creating great reading habits becomes easier when part of a routine. Many families read together at bedtime in an effort to share in a calm and soothing activity together before bed. However, nighttime isn’t the only time to read. You can make reading together a part of your morning routine, something you do over lunch, or something you share in on Sunday afternoons. No matter when or where, your child will quickly find themselves enjoying the routine and choosing books of their own to read during your special time.

Keep it Interesting

Is your child passionate about sports, science, or anime? Encourage your child’s interests and love of reading by visiting your library and checking out books of interest to them. Let them choose the subject, characters, and stories, and you may be surprised by what sparks interest in your child!

Don’t Make Reading a Punishment

Many adults fail to develop a love of reading because it was used as a punishment in school. Being forced to read extra chapters or create a book report after misbehaving isn’t a suitable source of punishment. Remember, reading should be an experience your child looks forward to.  Chance to broaden their minds while exploring new thoughts and horizons. Always remember to keep reading a positive activity.

Staying Involved With School

For many parents, being involved in their child’s education is very important. When reading with your child, you can choose some books that correlate with what they are learning in school. Maybe check out a book on ancient Egypt or about jungle animals. Connecting lessons learned in school to real-life discussions with mom and dad will help to take their education even further.

Create a Special Reading Spot

Kids (and many adults) will be charmed by the idea of a quiet and cozy spot to read a good book. Using pillows, bean bags, or blankets, you can create a warm and inviting space to snuggle up and read. Include your child’s input on their “book nook” to make it a place that will truly be special for them.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Reading together at night can be a wonderful way to bond. As kids get older and stories are less frequently read aloud, encourage your family to sit together, reading materials of their own. Ask questions, create conversations, and show genuine interest in what your children are reading.

Reading with your child offers benefits that go far beyond the classroom walls. If storytime isn’t a regular occurrence in your household, it’s never too late to start! Check out a few of our favorite books to read aloud and reach out to the academy nearest you to find out what we’re reading today!