6 Fun and Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

One of the most memorable milestones of your kid’s childhood is when they lose their first tooth – followed by several others, of course. With all of the “dental dynamics” that happen during this phase, no doubt your child will be visited by the Tooth Fairy multiple times. While the whole “put a tooth under the pillow, get a dollar” scenario is always a reliable favorite, why not try something a little different? Below are six fun and creative Tooth Fairy ideas that will put an inventive spin on this classic tradition.

1. The Tooth Fairy Invoice
This hilariously inventive idea allows your kid to have a little freedom of choice in terms of how they would like to be rewarded for their lost tooth. How Does She has all the details – including the printable Tooth Fairy Invoice kit – to make this special occasion even more fun and memorable.

2. Fairy Dust Dollars
It’s one thing for your little one to find a nice, crisp one dollar bill under their pillow the morning after losing their tooth, but it’s a whole other thing when that greenback has been decked out with a layer of shimmering fairy dust! Using glitter from the craft store, you can add a little pizzazz to an otherwise unassuming dollar bill, and surprise your child with a little touch of fairy magic. Joan over at Ten Kids and a Dog provides an excellent example of this cool idea.

3. The Tooth Fairy Teaches a Lesson on Tidiness
If you’re like most parents, you’re looking for “teachable moments” everywhere you can find them, and this fun yet highly useful idea definitely fits the bill in that regard. Jodi over at Meaningful Mama shares a hilarious and witty apology note (authored by the Tooth Fairy, of course) that explained why there was no money left under her daughter’s pillow the morning after she had lost her tooth. The note went on to explain that the room was simply too messy, and for fear of tripping over something and waking the little girl up, the Tooth Fairy decided to check back the next day (presumably after the room receives a good cleaning). What a clever way to kill two birds with one stone!

4. Tooth Fairy Footprints
You can conveniently leave a glitter-laced trail of Tooth Fairy footprints for your little one to discover with just a couple of simple materials. Sarah Quinn explains the brief how-to, along with a picture of the finished product, on her Pinterest page.

5. The “Twirling Tooth Fairy” Tradition
Shelley over at How Does She explains a neat family tradition that her good friend Natalie practices whenever it’s time for the Tooth Fairy to pay her child a visit: Natalie’s daughter will set out a glass of water at night, and then drop her tooth in the glass, allowing it to sink to the bottom. Overnight, the Tooth Fairy retrieves the little girl’s tooth from the glass and then colors the water to match whatever color her magical dress might have been that night. Rumor has it that after the Tooth Fairy magically colors the water, she also twirls around and dances on her way to the little girl’s bed. Along with the color-infused water, the Tooth Fairy also leaves a trail of glitter (of the same color, of course) near the bed, and some sugarless gum – and money, of course – under the girl’s pillow.

6. The Tooth Fairy Caught on Camera!
In our smartphone-driven world, there’s an app for everything, and the Tooth Fairy is no exception. Using the icaughtthetoothfairy.com smartphone app, you can overlay an image of the tooth fairy on top of any photo of your child – preferably one that you took of them while they were sleeping!
There’s nothing quite like the look of wonder in your child’s eyes when they realize that they’ve been visited by the ever-elusive Tooth Fairy. Use the ideas above to give your little one a magical Tooth Fairy visit that they won’t forget!