6 Father’s Day Craft Ideas to do With Your Toddler

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate Dad than by creating some fun and unique crafts with your toddler? Not only is it a great way to bond with your child, but it also creates a special and memorable gift for Dad. Here are six Father’s Day craft ideas that you can do with your little ones!

1. Handprint/Footprint Art

One of the most classic and timeless crafts is creating art with your little one’s handprints or footprints. For Father’s Day, you can have your toddler make a personalized piece of art for Dad. You can use paint or ink to make the prints on paper or canvas, and then have your toddler decorate the rest of the piece with their own creative touches. You could even turn the prints into different shapes, like a heart or a tree, to make them even more special.

2. DIY Photo Frame

Another great craft idea is to create a DIY photo frame for Dad. You can use popsicle sticks, cardboard, or even just construction paper to make the frame, and then have your toddler decorate it with stickers, paint, or markers. Once the frame is complete, you can print out a special picture of Dad and your little one to put inside.

3. Personalized Keychain

If Dad is always on the go, then a personalized keychain is the perfect gift for him. You can use shrink plastic to create a custom design with your toddler’s artwork, and then bake it in the oven to shrink it down to size. Once it’s cooled, you can attach it to a keychain and give it to Dad as a special reminder of his little one.

4. Handmade Card

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most meaningful, and a handmade card is a great way to show Dad how much you and your toddler care. You can use construction paper, markers, stickers, or even glitter to make a personalized card with a special message inside. Your toddler can help with the decorating, and you can add your own personal touch to make it even more special.

5. DIY Coasters

For the Dad who loves his coffee or tea, creating personalized coasters is a practical and thoughtful gift. You can use cork or cardboard for the base of the coaster, and then have your toddler decorate it with paint or markers. You could even add a special message or design with a permanent marker to make it even more personal.

6. Memory Book

A memory book is a great way to capture all of the special moments and memories you and your toddler have shared with Dad. You can use a scrapbook or even just a plain notebook to create a special book filled with pictures, drawings, and messages from your little one. It’s a gift that Dad can cherish for years to come and a great way to remember all of the special moments you’ve shared as a family.

There are plenty of Father’s Day craft ideas that you can do with your toddler. These crafts not only create a special and meaningful gift for Dad, but they also provide an opportunity for you and your little one to bond and create memories together. Whether it’s creating handprint art or making a personalized keychain, these crafts are sure to make Dad’s day extra special. Do you have any fun Father’s Day ideas? Let us know on Facebook!