6 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Color Day

6 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Color Day

The colors around us have a surprising impact on our activities, productivity, and mood. National Color Day was created to celebrate and take notice of how colors impact our lives and it is coming up on October 22nd! It’s obvious that we love colors here at Youthland, so we wanted to share a few of our ideas to celebrate this fun and colorful day!

#1 – Wear Your Favorite Colors

This one is easy! Let your kids peruse their closets for an outfit of their favorite color. You can also incorporate a hat, bow, or other colorful accessories to complete the look. You can get in the spirit yourself by selecting an outfit in your favorite hue. Today is your day to be bold!

#2 – Get Floral

Flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and come in all sorts of beautiful bright colors. Swing by your florist or grocery store to pick up a bouquet to display at home or share with friends.

Another idea is to take a walk through nature, admiring and noticing all of the unique colors you come across. You can also visit a local garden if the weather corporates!

#3 – Paint

Paint, draw, or color. Getting crafty is an excellent way to express yourself with colors. There are all sorts of projects you can try including these fun Halloween crafts or these creative Thanksgiving craft ideas. Use washable paints or markers so kids can let loose without staining their clothes!

#4 – Visit the Museum

After creating your own work of art, you can head over to the Dayton Art Institute to explore the many incredible works of art. Point out all of the different colors to your children and have them share with you their favorite pieces. The museum offers a variety of classes, workshops, and programs for families, children, and youth.

#5 – Have Fun With Food

In addition to impacting your mood, color can have a major impact on appetite. Have fun with this and consider adding a little food coloring to make your pancakes green or your French toast red. There are a number of foods you can use to create natural food coloring including strawberries, beets, spinach, saffron, and carrots. You could also make a colorful salad using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Have your kids count all of the colors they see!

#6 – Colorful Bath

You can make bath time even more fun by creating a colorful bath! Use colored tablets or a bath bomb to make the water go from clear to vibrant! Other ideas for the bath would be to include toys just of one color – for example, yellow tractors and rubber ducks. Or you could throw some Duplo’s into the tub for some colorful building fun.

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Color Day, make it a point to observe all of the beautiful colors around you, being thankful the world isn’t just black and white!