5 Tips to Help You Spring Forward

5 Tips to Help You Spring Forward

For many of us adults, just hearing the words “daylight savings time” can make you feel sleepy. Losing that precious hour of sleep isn’t something any of us looks forward to. However, the long summer nights certainly make up for it. Here are a few tips to help you and your family spring forward next Sunday!

Plan Ahead

The week or so before the clocks go back, you can begin adjusting your bedtime. Some families find that going to bed a little earlier each night makes the time jump a bit less painful. Come Monday morning, you’ll be glad you were able to go to sleep a bit earlier on Sunday night.  

Wake Up Early

Another way to make the time change feel less drastic is to wake the kids up earlier on the Saturday and Sunday before the clocks move ahead. On Saturday, shoot for a half-hour earlier than normal, then on Sunday, an hour earlier. This will make the change feel less drastic on Monday when the kids have to get up for school. (We know for some families, the kids are up at first light, so waking up early won’t be an issue!)

Use Blackout Curtains

For those with early bedtimes, consider using blackout curtains. Going to bed while it’s still light out can seem completely unfair to the little ones, so keeping it dark can help make it seem more normal. This is especially great in the middle of summer when it stays light until well after 9.

Dim the Lights

On the same note as the curtains, lower the lights and put away electronics at least a half-hour before bed. This will help with your child’s circadian rhythms, setting the stage for good sleep. The blue light emitted from screens can be disruptive to sleep patterns. Make it a habit to put these devices away well before bedtime.

Tire Them Out

Make Sunday a day of play. Go to the park, run around, and make sure to get all of their energy out. Make this the day to go walk around the zoo, visit the trampoline park, or take a walk through Mt. Airy Forest. This will help to make sure that when bedtime comes, they are out like a light.

While the time change can take a little while to adjust to, many can agree that it’s worth it. Daylight Savings Time indicates that warmer days are ahead and spring is just around the corner! Do you have any tips for adjusting to the time change? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments what works for you!