5 Acts of Kindness You Can Do This Holiday Season

5 Acts of Kindness You Can Do This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year in which we turn our focus to gratitude, thankfulness, and being kind. Doing random acts of kindness is important all year round, but giving back is what the holidays are all about. Below are 5 great ways you and your children can show kindness to family, neighbors, and the environment!

Be the Change

This one is a lot of fun. Head to the bank and get a couple of rolls of quarters. You can use these quarters to pay expired parking meters, or you can leave change in the different vending machines you come across – resulting in a free snack for the next lucky patron. Kids will love using the quarters and surprising people with their kind gestures.

Create a Donation Box

Check with local non-profits and community organizations in your neighborhood. Many are accepting donations of toys, personal care items, canned food, or slightly used goods. Find an organization that is important to you and share with your child why it is so special. You can go through items together and they can help you choose items that would make a good donation. To make it more fun, have your child wrap or decorate the box before giving it to your chosen organization.

Saying Thank You

Writing a thank you note is a lost art. It is a small gesture that carries great impact. You don’t have to wait for your child to receive a gift to write a thank you note. Encourage them to write notes to anyone they are thankful for. This could be the mailman, the grocer, or their bus driver. Nobody can resist a sweet note from a sincere child. Your gesture is sure to teach a lesson while brightening up someone else’s day.

Kindness Toward Mother Earth

While you’ll want to model kindness to others, you should also work to instill respect for nature and the world around you. A great way is to get outside to volunteer for a local clean-up day. If you can’t find one that fits your schedule, simply grab a couple of trash bags, some gloves, and a trash picker, and head over to a spot you know could use a little love.

Love Your Neighbor

A great way to spread some kindness is to help out a neighbor. You and your child can offer to help with yard work, to shovel snow, or to help carry groceries from the car. Not only will this encourage your kids to help those around them, but you will also be strengthening your community.

What will you be doing to practice kindness this season? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!