4th of July Fun for Kids

black boy with patriotic and fun sunglasses smiles

Happy Independence Day! While this year’s celebrations may look a little (or a lot!) different, we’ve got some fun ways that you can celebrate our country. Whether it’s with food, crafts, or a DIY parade, this 4th of July will be a fun celebration for you and your kids.

Bike Parade

Grab some friends, or just your family and make your own bike parade. Decorate your bicycles with festive decor, fancy items not required! Pipe cleaners, paper streamers, paper chains, ribbon, battery operated lights, small signs….anything and everything can be used to make your ride look red, white, and blue awesome! The sillier the better so let your kids imaginations run wild.

If you have a group of riders, let your friends and neighbors know when you’ll be out and about so they can wave to you. Even if you don’t have a group, dress up in your best red, white and blue clothes and head out for a ride. Wave to your neighbors – this is an officially unofficial parade – have some fun with it!

Themed Food

Whether you’re looking for some healthy 4th of July themed food, or some sweet treats, we’ve got you covered!

Want to make the most of the summer produce? How about some watermelon pizza or red, white and blue fruit kabobs? Or if you’re looking for something savory, patriotic deviled eggs or a flag pizza are sure to be a big hit!

Balloon Fireworks

Decorate your house, your bike or the yard with some fun balloon fireworks – no professional balloon animal experience necessary! Pick up a pack of balloon animal “twisty” balloons, the long skinny kind with a hand pump – of course in red, white and blue. Pump up each color leaving about an inch of room and tie at the end. Next, twist the balloon about half way down, making an indentation – don’t worry if it’s not exact, real fireworks aren’t precise either! Grab your next color of inflated balloon and twist it the same way, but this time twisting it with the first balloon “tying” them together. Continue until you have a “firework”!

Learn About Our Flag

In addition to making some delicious USA flag themed treats, learn more about our country’s flag.

  • Colors: red symbolizes valor, white purity, and blue vigilance and justice
  • June 14th is National Flag Day
  • There are 50 stars (1 for each state) and 13 (1 for each of the original colonies) stripes on the flag
  • There have been 27 different versions of the US flag

Tell Some Jokes

There’s nothing like a good joke! Especially one on theme for the 4th of July! Click here for even more side splitting jokes.

Q: What does a Bald Eagle smell like?

A: Freedom

Q: What do George Washington and a duck have in common?

A: One has a bill on his face, the other has his face on a bill!