3 Ways to Start Recycling at Home

recycle bin and recyclables in grass around bin

In April, we’ll celebrate Earth Day, which is a perfect time to evaluate how we’re working every day to save our planet! A great way to work to reduce our carbon footprint is to start recycling at home. Recycling is a also a fun way for kids to get involved and learn how to care for our planet. Here are 3 steps to establishing a recycling plan in your home:

Look Up Local Recycling Program Guidlines

Search the internet or your local library for the requirements on what can be recycled, when pick up is, or where items can be dropped off. Knowing how your items need to be cleaned, sorted and then delivered or picked up will make developing a plan much easier!

Once you have your recycle program guide lines, find a place in your home to collect items. Create bins for each category, such as paper, plastic, plastic bags, glass, etc. Label each bin, bag or other organizer so that sorting is easy.

Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Once you’ve got your recycling system established, consider heading out to your neighborhood to clean up trash and then recycle it! Make it fun with easy to carry bags and fun “grabbers” like toy claws, sticks or even just a good pair of gloves. Sort while you collect or when you get home.

Call your local recycling location and ask if they have tours. Many locations welcome children and their parents to see how the recycling process works. They may also have give aways and or tips on how to make recycling easier at home and school.

Stick With It!

You might find the excitement of a new project begin to wear off, but don’t quit! Look for ways to reinvigorate your family to stay motivated. This is a perfect project where kids can get involved. If your children aren’t readers yet, snap a picture and print it on each bin to help them keep track of what goes where. Give them a basket of mixed recyclables and let them sort away!