3 Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated

water tips for keeping kids hydrated

Did you know that our bodies are about 60% water? Water is vital to our body’s basic functions which means we need to consume a lot of it. How much do you need? For adults, you need a minimum of 64 ounces up to 100+ if you’re sweating. And kids need anywhere from 40 to 72 ounces a day depending on their age.

Because water isn’t usually a child’s first choice for drinks, it can be tough to get them to drink enough. Here are three ways to get your kids drinking (and eating!) to stay hydrated:

Bottle It

Who wants a boring old clear plastic water bottle? Invest in a great reusable bottle for your and your kids too. Get creative decorating. Use paint pens, stickers, even rhinestones! Anything that makes the bottle more exciting will make your kids want to take their water bottle with them everywhere.

Add a strap to your bottle to make it convenient to carry with your kids. Make a habit of refilling every time your kids leave the house, school or an event. Create a game by setting a family goal of number of times to empty the bottle in a day.

Make It Fun

Jazz up your water with fun ice cubes, fresh fruit, herbs – even vegetables! Grab an ice cube tray and fill it up with water. Add exciting and unexpected foods to the cubes. Blueberries, sprigs of mint or edible flowers (like pansies and rose petals) make for delicious flavors and encourages patience waiting for them to melt. Or create cubes of juices like watermelon, citrus or cranberries.

Slice up your favorite fruits and toss them in with icy cold water. Citrus, berries, mint, thyme, cucumber, and ginger are all appetizing additions to any water bottle. Or create a combination of a few ingredients to create a one of a kind combinations. Try lemon, cucumber and mint sprigs together.

Eat It Up

You don’t always have to drink to be hydrated. Grab some of the season’s best produce and eat up! At nearly 92% water, watermelon and strawberries are some of the most hydrating fruits. Cantaloupe, pineapple and oranges are close seconds at almost 90% water. If you’re looking for savory options, cucumber, green peppers, spinach and celery pack over 90% water! Load up with a few of these at every meal and also as snacks and you’ll be sure that your little one is getting the water they need.