Toddler Milestones: When do Children Learn Shapes and Colors?

Toddler Milestones: When do Children Learn Shapes and Colors?

As a parent of a young child, you may ask, “when do toddlers learn shapes and colors?” It’s a question asked by many parents. However, there is no concrete answer. Many experts suggest that sometime around 18 months, toddlers will first begin to understand the concepts of shapes and colors. Keep in mind that when considering toddler milestones, it is important to remember that children develop at different paces. Some children may be ready sooner, some later. This is not a reflection of your child’s abilities or intellect! Below are some activities to help introduce the concepts of shapes and colors, along with some information regarding the science behind it all.

The Benefits of Learning Shapes and Colors

Enhanced literacy – when it comes down to it, the letters used to read and write and just a bunch of wiggly shapes and lines.

Communication skills – learning shapes and colors will help your child be able to better describe things to you.

Health and Safety – Knowing colors and shapes can help alert your child to red lights, flushed skin, or bug bites. Knowing red can be a warning sign, kids will better be able to know when they are in danger.

Activities to Learn Shapes

Play Sorting Games – you can select items from around your house and have your child sort them into piles by shape. Not only will this teach shapes, but also help them to view their world differently.

Find Shapes in Food – Present your child with a snack plate featuring all sorts of different shapes. Have them let you know which shape they are gnashing on as they chomp away.

Look for Shapes in Nature – Next time you are out on a walk, have your child try to find as many shapes as they can. Look for triangle leaves, round rocks, or square tree trunks!

Activities to Learn Colors

Color the Rainbow – Art play has long been one of the best ways to teach colors to children. Who doesn’t like to draw or paint? Break out the pallet and let your kid’s imaginations get colorful!

Play Colorful Games – You can break out the old Twister game or dive into a family game of Candyland. Both will encourage your child to learn about the colors all around them.

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