St. Patrick’s Day: What is it and Why Do We Celebrate?

St. Patrick's Day: What is it and Why Do We Celebrate?

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun, springtime holiday that is always fun to celebrate with kids. But do you know why we celebrate? We’ve found the answers to some common questions we hear from kiddos, along with some fun facts and ways to get into the Irish spirit!

How do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish culture held annually on March 17th. Festivities are held all over the world, giving everyone a chance to be Irish for the day. The holiday is named for St. Patrick, with celebrations including parades, dances, and the wearing of green attire. Other celebrations include feasts, traditional Irish meals, and all sorts of fun snacks.

What are Leprechauns?

Leprechauns originate in Irish folklore and typically appear as small bearded men, who are fond of green top hats. They are known cobblers who enjoy tricks and pots of gold. Making a leprechaun trap is a fun activity that will delight the little ones.

Why Do We Wear Green?

One reason people wear green on St. Patty’s Day has to do with Ireland’s nickname – The Emerald Isle.  It is said that wearing green will make you invisible to leprechauns. This will allow you to obtain their treasure and avoid getting pinched!

Why Are Four Leaf Clovers Lucky?

Four-leaf clovers are considered a symbol of luck. Early origins state that some Celtic groups believed that the rarity of a four-leaf clover would ward off evil spirits while granting the bearer good luck. And yes, four-leaf clovers do exist! There is about one to every 10,000 three-leaf clovers!

How to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day With Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday most kids will enjoy celebrating! You can get crafty, making some of these simple St. Patrick’s Day projects. Or you can whip up some tasty holiday treats. People all over the world know Cincinnati for its St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Come on out to The Banks this Saturday, March 11 to enjoy in the festivities. The parade starts promptly at noon!

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