Spring Activities for Kids

spring activities for kids

Spring! It’s here! Well, according to the calendar anyway. Whether or not it feels like spring outside, there are some fun spring activities to usher in the season. Here are five ideas to help get started:

Fly a Kite

” March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”! Take advantage of the old adage and get outdoors to fly a kite. Check the dollar section or store, or go big with a nicer version. Or if you’re feeling crafty, look up a YouTube video and build your own. When the wind is blowing, get outside! Just remember to stay away from power lines.

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids and then go on it together. Create a list of items that they have to find, indoors or out. Examples are a small toy, a cotton ball, a straw. Or if outdoors, a flower, a green rock, a feather. Even a photo hunt is fun; a stop sign, a restaurant, a bike. Think about easy to slightly challenging things to find in the area that you want to “hunt” in and make a list – anything goes!

Plant a Garden

There are few things like getting your hands dirty and sowing some seeds to kick the season off right. Ask your local nursery what plants, fruits and veggies grow best in your area. Designate an area of your yard or balcony to start working.  If the outdoors don’t yet agree that it’s spring, start with some potted plants inside. Seeds and flower bulbs grow beautifully in a sunny window sill. The blooms will keep you inspired until it’s time to get outside.

Have a Picnic

Throwing a picnic doesn’t have to be complicated! Even making a plate and then going out to the grass to eat counts. Or load up on snack foods, seasonal fruits and veggies and head out to your favorite spot. Look in your neighborhood or head to the park.

Make a Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder is the perfect way to ring in the new season. Feeding the local birds is sure to brighten even the gloomiest spring day. Be sure to hang it near a window so you can enjoy your hard work.