Holiday Personal Touch

diy holiday touches

It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of gift giving during the holidays. Making sure that you’ve purchased for everyone on your list – kids included – can be a daunting and expensive task! In an effort to bring some inexpensive and personal touches to the holidays, here are a few do-it-yourself ideas that will add that special something to your gifts and give you and your children fun projects to enjoy together.

Wrapping Paper and Bags

This simple and fun craft will give all your gifts a sweet touch. You’ll need a roll of wrapping paper, but make sure it’s the non shiny kind and preferably in a light color. After that, the sky is the limit! Use rubber stamps and holiday themed ink. Or paint with stencils – or you can let your children use their imagination with the paint. Even markers or crayons are easy and fun. Keeping the color choices limited will help to give the paper the holiday feel. Think red and green, silver and gold, blue and silver – the trick is to keep the pallet simple and let your imagination run wild!

Garland and Trim

Making your own garland is a great way to have some fun while practicing some fine motor skills. Candy, beads, popcorn, dried fruit, yarn, even paper can be used to make fun and festive garland. String it around your doors and across windows. Or surprise your friends and neighbors with a strand. Some varieties can even be used in place of ribbon on gifts for an enjoyable take on traditional wrap.


Buttons, yarn, paint, popsicle sticks – oh my! There are so many easy, fun and creative ornaments that you and your children can make – most from objects you already have at home. Choose a style and stock up on your supplies. Talk about what you’re making and for who. When all your ornaments are completed, let your kids decide who gets which one. Give the ornament it’s self as a gift, or tie it on their gift for a warm addition.