4 Snowy Crafts for Wintertime Fun

a boy and girl play in the snow

Don’t let the weather stop the fun this season! Turn up the heat and enjoy some fun and festive crafts that celebrate wintertime. From faux snow to pretty paper snowflakes, we’ve got winter craft ideas that are sure to make any boring afternoon fun and exciting.

Paper Roll Snowmen

These adorable little guys are perfect for little hands to practice fine motor skills! And you can feel good about reusing all those toilet paper rolls too. Grab an empty roll, some paint, a little construction paper, and a black marker. Paint the entire roll white and then create eyes and accessories with the black marker. Use the paper to make a scarf and carrot nose!

A Classic! Paper Snowflakes

Scissor practice is important for little fingers and what better way than with beautiful paper snowflakes. With some quick, symmetrical folds, your paper is ready for cutting. From there, there are no wrong answers on how to cut! Circles, slices, squares, whatever your little one can manage to cut is great and the result will be a beautiful flake.

Faux Snow

This craft is surprisingly easy to create and yields hours of fun and lots of imagination stimulating time! With just two ingredients – baking soda and white hair conditioner – you’ll be having fun in no time. Simply combine 2 1/2 cups of baking soda and a 1/2 cup of conditioner and mix in a large bowl. Spread out over a large tray to make playtime easier, more fun, and clean up better too. Snowballs, snowmen, snow angels, mini snow forts…the sky is the limit for fun!

DIY Icicles

Even if it’s not cold enough for icicles, you can make your own with this simple craft. String them up to make a festive garland to hang on the window or over the fireplace too! Grab some tin foil and tear a long piece off to begin to create your icicle. Pinch, push, and squish to create a cone-like shape. Once you have the shape you want, have little hands help drizzle glue down the sides and sprinkle with glitter to add a sparkly finish.

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