3 Tips for Great School Photos

boy taking pictures school picture tips

It’s almost that time – school picture day! Let’s be honest, getting that great picture that captures your child perfectly can be a bit of a unicorn, or seemingly impossible. But there’s hope! We have a few simple tips that might make this year’s pictures the best ones yet:

Keep it Simple

The more simple their clothing is, the better the pictures will be. Look for simple patterns and dark colors that look best on your child. Steer clear of logos, slogans and pictures as they can be distracting. Plan simple accessories and keep any jewelry small.

Let your kids have input on what they wear. If they are pleased with how they look, they are more likely to be happy and that will reflect in their pictures.  Worrying that they will choose something that won’t work for the picture? Reduce the number of options. Instead of letting them pick from the entire closet, give them two to three outfit choices that you like and then they can choose from those options.

Complete the Outfit

It’s easy to think of a typical school picture viewing your child from the waist up. Full body pictures have become more popular in the last several years so definitely complete their outfit. The same rules apply for their lower half as their upper; keep patterns simple and colors dark and complementary. Think about shoes and socks too so that their outfit looks thought out and complete.

Be Consistent

While it might be tempting to do something fancy or out of the norm with hair or outfits, think about sticking with your child’s usual look. Getting too far outside of what they normally look like can make them uncomfortable. Down the road, you’re going to want to remember exactly how they looked each day, not just the dressed up version. Be sure to schedule haircuts roughly 2 weeks prior to picture day. That gives hair long enough to grow in, but not too long that it looks shaggy.