Quiet the Chaos and Enjoy the Season

hug to reconnect with family

Sometimes it can feel like the holidays are non-stop chaos. And that chaos can rob us of the true meaning of the season. Making time to quiet the noise of this busy time of year and get back to spending quality time with friends and family is essential to a meaningful and happy holiday. Here are our ideas to do just that:

Snuggle In

Pick up your favorite holiday books from your local library or book exchange. Share your childhood favorites with your little ones and tell them why you loved that book, who would read it to you, etc. Ask your child what their favorite part of each story is and why. You can even make up a story or share one from your childhood – anything that gets their imaginations running and the sharing started.

Pick a seasonal movie to watch as a family. Rent or even check local programing for holiday favorites on TV. Schedule time to sit together and enjoy.


Get together for family game night. Pull our the classic board games or even a deck of cards. Focus on being together and having fun rather than competition. Be sure to demonstrate how to be a gracious winner or loser and emphasize being a great sport.

If you’re bored with board games, check out these DIY ideas.


Spend some time creating together. Make ornaments, paint, draw, whatever sounds fun! Enjoy the creative process and talk about what your child is making and why. What colors do they prefer? Why? Tell them about your favorites too.

Check out our post from last month with great ornament and wrapping paper craft ideas!


Make a point to reach out to family and friends that you don’t see often. If they are tech savvy, make a family call or FaceTime together to catch up. Email or even write a note and ask your children what they want their relative to know about them. Ask your child to draw a picture to go along with the email or letter.

Draw a picture of how the family member is connected to you and your child so that they can understand who is who. Emphasize the importance of staying connected.

Get out

Bundle up and go for a family walk. Make the goal of the walk to stroll and chat – no need for a destination! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season and encourage your kids to look and listen to the nature around them.