Online Resources for Keeping Children’s Minds Active and Engaged

young child wears headphones and works on a laptop

Summertime brain drain is real! On average, children can lose up to two months of education over the summer break. And sometimes it can be tough to find ways to keep their little minds learning. We have several online learning sites that are sure to keep little minds learning and have fun at the same time.


While reading a book is one of the best way to practice reading skills, this can be challening with kids who are struggling to learn to read in the first place. Sharpen reading skills and boost confidence through online games. Try these online tools:


Repetition of math facts is a proven way to help kids improve their math skills, but flash cards can be a tough sell to young learners. Thankfully there are some fun ways that kids can hone their skills and have some fun!


There are SO many science topics to be discovered! From chemistry to biology to astronomy, there’s so much to learn!


If you have exhausted the typical subjects, we’ve got a few ideas on other topics to look at too. Distance learning has highlighted the importance of knowing how to type for may young kids, so why not learn the proper technique? Coding is always a useful skill to understand. And if your kiddo just needs some learning that doesn’t feel like learning, how about some puzzles to solve?

Need Some More Ideas?

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