Creative Kid’s Costume Ideas

kids in halloween costumes for costume ideas


Halloween is right around the corner! If you’re tired of the same old costumes or don’t want to pay a pretty penny for the cheap looking stuff at the store, then we have a solution for you! Check out our inspiration list below for some creative and fun costume ideas that are sure to win contests and lots of candy!

Characters From Your Favorite Book

Look no further than your bookshelf for inspiration! There are so many characters that are easily identifiable to everyone and don’t require a crazy costume. In fact, you could probably find the basics in the closet. Think Harry Potter, Madeline, The Man in the Yellow Hat, the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Olivia the Pig – the list goes on and on!

Box It Up

So many fun costumes can be made from different size boxes. Stack them up or go with one – the options are endless. Use a glue gun to attach boxes together to create a robot. Create straps with ribbon to make a lemonade stand that can be carried with the wearer. Or cut out a larger box to create a doll in a box. The same ribbon concept can make a car or train that is ready to zoom around the neighborhood!

Grab some other items from the recycle bin or dollar store like egg cartons, tissue boxes, glow sticks and CDs. Use a hot glue gun for a quick drying adhesive and get creative!

Historical Figures

If fictional characters won’t work, how about some non fictional characters! Presidents, royalty and other historical figures such as Clara Barton or Rosie the Riveter are all great ideas and easy to put together. Vikings, a pharaoh, or explorers like Lewis and Clark. Even movie stars like Lucille Ball or characters from movies like Sandy from Grease are fun, different and sure to get a second look at a costume contest!


Who doesn’t like a good pun?? These are also some of the more simple costumes to put together as well. Smart cookie, bread winner, blessing in disguise are all simple to assemble and fun for even the smallest kids. Party animals, raining cats and dogs and holy guacamole are equally as silly and easy to create using what you already own.