Have a Screen-Free Weekend With These Fun Activities

Have a Screen-Free Weekend With These Fun Activities

While kids are home for summer, there is plenty of fun to be had. However, between the trips to the park, the zoo, or the aquarium, there is also a chance they’ve spent a fair amount of time in front of a screen. Keep reading for some great tips on how you and your family can enjoy a screen-free weekend together!

Game Night

Game night is a classic family activity that can encourage teamwork, bonding, and hopefully… laughter. A few of our favorites for family fun include Ocean Bingo, Mermaid Island, or Quicktionary. You can also choose less competitive games such as Bandido, Mole Rats in Space, or Mmm!

Go Camping

Make the most of these last few days of summer by spending them in the great outdoors! Whether you go for 1 night or 5, you and your family are sure to make memories that last a lifetime. Don’t want to head to the campground? Set up shop in your backyard! Don’t have the right yard? Set up a tent in the living room. Just skip the campfire part!

Build or Create Something

Whether you choose Legos, a puzzle, or building a clubhouse, working hard to achieve a goal will teach your child many valuable lessons. A few ideas to consider include…

No matter what you choose, the quality one-on-one time you will spend is invaluable. Just make sure you are assisting your child when necessary and that all proper safety measures are in place.

Tips for a Screen-Free Weekend

Going screen-free has many benefits for the mind and body. Without the presence of screens, we can be more present, focusing on those around us. That said, many people rely on screens for work, communication, and entertainment. Going screen-free for a whole weekend can be overwhelming. If this is the case for you, consider trying to go screen-free for an afternoon each week, or maybe for the first hour of your day. Also, you’ll have better results if the whole family participates. So as much as you may miss your afternoon football, consider the benefits going screen-free will have on your entire family!

Want to spend even more time screen-free? Take part in Screen-Free Saturdays or participate in Screen-Free Week, coming up May 1 – 7, 2023. What are some activities you enjoy to be screen-free? Let us know on Facebook!