Holiday Handprint Art for Kids

kids making handprint art with paint

While those little handprints of your children may be all over places you don’t want them, like the mirrors, the furniture, and elsewhere, they still are pretty darn cute! Preserve the memory of just how tiny your kids once were with some adorable handprint art.

Handprint Tree

Grab some green construction paper, a marker, and your child to create this adorable tree! Start by tracing their hand several times. Cut out each handprint and then glue them about a 1/2 inch on the palm side onto an empty paper towel roll. Start at the bottom and layer until you reach the top. Stagger how closely you glue each hand to create a tiered look.

You can also place the cut out handprints in a circle to create a sweet wreath!


Capture those sweet little “piggies” forever! Using paint and a canvas, dip little feet in to green paint and stamp onto a canvas with the heals just about to touch. When dry, paint on a red ribbon to make mistle”toes”!

Thumbprint Lights

Using a canvas and a variety of colors, have your child dip and create a paint thumbprint. When dry, connect each print with a black line to create a festive and adorable string of lights.

Handprint Ornaments

If paint isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered. Whip up a batch of “salt dough” (similar to Playdough but homemade and bakable!) to create these sweet gifts and memories. The kids will love playing with the dough and when the fun is done, roll out a circle, make a handprint, bake, paint, and hang!

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