5 Frighteningly Delicious Treats

Whether you’re packing lunches or whipping up after school snacks, these spooky treats will leave your little goblin’s bellies full and their funny bones tickled!

Tangerine Pumpkins 

These (naturally) sweet treats are as pleasing to look at as they are to eat! For a portable version, leave the peel on and draw a jack o lantern face on with a Sharpie marker. For the peeled version, simply take off the skin leaving the fruit intact. Add a small spear of celery with a leaf and it’s an instant pumpkin!

This works well with Mandarin oranges, tangerines or Naval oranges too.

Witchy Cheese Fingers 

These witch fingers are packed with protein, calcium, and silliness! Simply take a motzarella cheese stick and round off one side. Create a small slit into the top of the rounded side and slide the large part of a roasted almond into the slit. Use a butter knife to make small indentations for knuckles. Serve and enjoy!

Monster Mouths

This sweet and savory treat will have your monsters smiling too! Slice apples into thin wedges. Spread nut butter onto two slices of apple (mirror images of each other). Then sandwich yogurt raisins in between the slices for teeth. Squish to get all the parts settled and devour!

AB Pattern Skewers

Celebrate the season with color! Stack up your child’s favorite orange and purple foods in a pattern on a lolly pop stick. Combine cantaloupe and blackberries, cubes of cheddar and black grapes, or blueberries and orange segments (Mandarin oranges are perfect for this!). Create patterns with a 1 to 1, 1 to 2, or 2 to 2 to make snack time delicious and educational.

Banana Ghosts

Easy to make and yummy to eat, banana ghosts are sure to be a hit! Peel a banana and cut in half. On each half, push the pointy side of two mini chocolate chips into the banana to make eyes. Right below the eyes, push the pointy side of a regular size chocolate chip into the banana to make a mouth and….boo! You’re done! Repeat with the other half to make a spooky twin. Firmer bananas work best so that they don’t squish too much when putting on the chips. Wrap in plastic wrap to keep from browning if sending these little spirits off to school lunch.