Halloween at Home; Fun Ideas That Will Make Everyone’s Night Spooktacular!

halloween fun at home

Trick or Treating on Halloween is a beloved holiday tradition. But this year may look different for many. Whether you are social distancing by choice or by ordinance, or if your little ones just aren’t into walking up to strangers’ doors, we’ve got some fun ideas you can do at home to have a spooktacular Halloween at home!

Trick or Treat Around the House

Make good use of your kid’s box of costumes. Grab a pile of hats, wigs, masks – any prop will do! Have them knock on your door (front door, bedroom door, back door) and trick or treat! Shut the door and have them change into a different costume or prop and start all over again. Bonus points if you pretend you don’t know who they are each time!

Practice some reading skills by making a scavenger hunt for candy. With each clue, tape a piece of candy. Lead them on a hunt through the house, the yard, anywhere!

Fall Games

Set up some fun, seasonal games to celebrate:

  • Bob for Apples
  • Swinging Doughnuts: tie a string around doughnuts and then hang them. Kids must use their mouths only – no hands – to eat them!
  • Pinata: Grab or make a seasonally themed pinata and fill it with candy to collect.
  • Pumpkins: Paint, carve, or craft up some gourds!
  • Read some spooky Halloween themed stories and make up a few spooky ones too!

Go Boo’ing

Think of boo’ing a little like a reverse trick or treat! Fill a festive bag with candy, pencils, stickers – any fun treat and head out to “boo” your friends and neighbors. Be sure to put a note letting the recipient know they’ve been “Boo’d” and to pass along the fun!

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