Fun FREE Summer Activites

girl blowing bubbles summertime activities

Hello summer! If you’re ready for some summer fun we’ve got some great ideas for you and your family. And they are free – or very nearly free – too! So read on and make a plan for some summer excitement that won’t break the bank:

See a Show

Search online for discounted movie theaters – or discount days at your local theater. While they won’t be showing the latest hits, it’s a fun way to introduce your family to some of the classic movies! Check your local theater as well for discounted play tickets as well. There are even summer concert series that are free if you know where to look. Search the calendars of your local parks for show times.


Volunteering is a fantastic way to teach a lot of amazing lessons. Everything from kindness, empathy, time management – the list goes on and on. Talk with your kids about what they are passionate about. Is it other children, animals or the environment? Then look for local organizations that need some volunteering. If you need some inspiration, search for charities in your town that are looking for volunteers and focus in on any that need seasonal help. Summer time can mean extra work or a lack of volunteers for some organizations, which is the perfect way to jump in and help!

Backyard Camp Out

No fees here! And no equipment required! If you have a tent, pitch it in your own yard. If you don’t have one, make one out of a sheet and some sticks or rope. Or even camp under the stars! Grab your sleeping bags or blankets and pillows. Use a candle as a fire to make s’mores and a flashlight to tell stories with. Sing songs, star gaze and snuggle in for some camping fun in the comfort of your own yard.

Hit the Books

Did you know that library cards are free? Simply sign up and return your books on time to avoid late fees! Most libraries rent DVD’s and other media as well. Sign up for a reading program at the library or online like Scholastic for your children. Create a schedule for visits and cycle out your books often. If your child knows that the book is going to be returned soon, they will be enticed to read it before it’s gone. Look for the library calendar too for performance schedules, reading circles and other free enrichment programs for children.

Hardware Store Event

Did you know that many big and small hardware stores hold free or discounted building events for kids? Check both your big box stores as well as mom and pop shops to see their event calendar. Some require a purchase of a kit, but most are discounted making them accessible to everyone. So sign up and grab your hammers!