5 Free Ways to Beat the Summertime Blues

kids and adult playing with buckets of water

Don’t let the heat of the summer get you down, fun is just around the corner – and it’s free! So put your wallets away and your creative caps on because we’ve got five fun (and free!) ways to keep your family having fun this summer.

Join the Library

Many local libraries offer more than just books! Often they have discounted passes to museums and events. They host reading challenges, story times and music classes for toddlers. So find a branch near you and get reading!

Summer Service Project

Create a summer service project for you and your family. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or build a little library to share reading with neighbors. Create a collection for food or sunscreen for the homeless. Host a bake sale and donate the proceeds to a charity.

Celebrate Something

If there are no birthdays to celebrate in the summer, make something up to celebrate! Throw a party for the last day of school, half birthdays, or even just a random day of the week. July is National Blueberry, National Hot Dog and National Picnic month. So pick a day to celebrate! Make special blueberry foods like pie, muffins or smoothies. Sample different toppings for hot Dogs – or pack it all up and take it to the park for a picnic.

Get Soaked

You don’t have to have a pool to have some good, wet fun! Grab a package of water balloons and fill ’em up. Create contests for the biggest, smallest, on the last the longest. Have tosses, or bounce on a trampoline with them to see how long they last.

Grab buckets of all sizes and fill them to the top. Use cups or any other vessels to pour, spill, sip and make believe! Just be sure to keep an eye on small children to avoid a drowning danger.

Use paint brushes and cups of water to “paint” on outside walls and sidewalks. Practice letters, numbers, and words. Or create a masterpiece, just make sure to look before it dries up!

Mix it Up

If all else fails, mix up your usual routine. Have breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast! Eat lunch at the park, stay in pajamas for the day – anything that is out of the normal routine, just for a day. Sometimes even the simplest change can make an entire day fun!

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