5 Ways to Prioritize Family Time During the Holidays

girl and bear in holiday hats reading a book


The holiday season is an incredibly fun time of year! But it can also be filled with more commitments and tasks that we can count, leaving little time for that oh-so-important family time. So how can we put a priority on time spent together? Here are 5 ways to make sure that family time is getting to the top of the to do list.

Go See Holiday Lights

Bundling up to take a walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the holiday lights is a sweet way to spend time together and experience the fun of the season. Or look up a local lights map in your town’s newspaper or online. Many cities will publish a map of over-the-top displays that are donation only, making it an economical way to appreciate the season!

Plan a Game Night

Break out the board games, cards and other fun! Block out some time to sit down and play together. Need some seasonal fun? Check out Shutterfly’s  holiday themed games. Most require nothing to play, or are a simple as candy canes or pen and paper. Short on time? Take one one the road! Play Holiday 20 Questions as you drive to your destination.

Tell a Story

Grab a few holiday themed books at the library and snuggle in to read them together. Or take turns creating your own story! Share a favorite memory from your childhood – tell about an ornament, outing or event that made an impression on you.


Find a local charity that needs assistance at the holidays. It could mean going to the charity to help or collecting items for the charity. Many groups need help sorting donations or serving their community – but some could be best served by helping collect donations that are crucial this time of year. Blankets, coats, canned goods and Christmas gifts are always in high demand. Work together as a family to research an organization and decide how you’re going to be involved. Once your plan is made, work together to execute it.

Connect with Family

Holiday travel can be expensive and time consuming making it out of reach. If you can’t be with family that lives far away, make time to digitally connect. Using Skype, Facetime or another app, schedule a time to talk. You could even play one of the holiday games together! Or ask about their favorite holiday memory or have little ones practice reading a holiday themed book. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, what matters most is the quality time spent together.