Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Easter is always a fun and joyful time for little kids – after all, how often (outside of Halloween, of course) do you get a chance to enjoy a basket full of candy and other goodies on a whim? Along with the many edible treats that Easter brings, it’s also a great time to engage in some creative crafts with your kids. Below is a roundup of fun crafts for toddlers that are sure to keep them busy while they’re waiting for the Easter Bunny to arrive.

1. Easter Egg Tree
Any craft that you can pull off using materials from the dollar store is automatically a friend of all parents. Using multi-colored, glittery foam egg ornaments, paper Easter grass, a foam cone, and a glue gun, your child can put together a lovely Easter egg tree that will make a great seasonal tabletop decoration. Tina over at Sweet Floweret provides the step-by-step instructions for this fun and inexpensive craft.

2. Wine Cork Baby Chicks
While Easter crafts for kids and wine corks don’t seem like they would have anything in common, Michelle over at Crafty Morning explains how it all comes together – and don’t worry, there’s no alcohol consumption involved! Using a wine cork and some very simple art supplies, your little one can create adorable baby chicks that can adorn any number of Easter decorations, such as paper tablecloths, banners, runners, etc.

3. Easter Bunny Mask
Why just expect a visit from the Easter Bunny when you can BE the Easter Bunny? Using these steps provided by Tiffany at Daily Leisure, your child can transform a humble assemblage of construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue, and puff balls into an ultra-cute Easter Bunny mask, complete with a popsicle stick handle for convenient carrying! Warning: You might not be able to stop your child from hopping around the house for at least two hours after completion.

4. Easter Bunny Craft with Footprint Ears
Handprint and footprint art are a reliable staple in any busy mom’s crafting arsenal, and this Easter bunny craft with footprint ears from One Krieger Chick is a great example of how to put simple components together to create an adorable finished product. If you’re looking for a craft that will be fun and engaging yet simple enough for your child to handle on their own, this is the one!

5. Easter Bunny and Chicks Fingerprint Craft
Continuing in the tradition of using paint-slathered appendages to create fun works of art, this uber-cute Easter Bunny and chicks craft from Chickabug is a simple, toddler-friendly project that your child can take on to create ridiculously adorable decorations for Easter cards, table runners, etc.

6. Jelly Bean Bracelets
What’s Easter without a generous supply of jelly beans? Melanie over at Artzy Creations shows you how to help your child transform food into fashion for the Easter holiday. Not only do these bracelets provide a fun afternoon activity for your child, but they make great gifts for their little friends as well!
As you can see, there are plenty of ways to “get crafty” for the Easter holiday. Keep the above ideas in mind to help your little one flex their creative muscles this Easter!