DIY Your Valentine’s Day

pink mug and heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day


Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is on February 14th and we have some fun do-it-yourself projects to do with your family.

Cardboard Heart Stamp

This simple and fun craft is a great way to re-purpose what would otherwise go into the recycle bin! Take a cardboard tube from toilet paper roll, paper towel or other roll (wrapping paper). Crease it at the bottom to make the point of a heart, and then crease again on the opposite side of the roll, pointing down to the bottom crease, creating a heart shape. Secure the top arches with tape if need be.

Spread washable paint on a paper plate and let your little dip and stamp to their heart’s content! They can fill in the hearts when dry with crayon or paint, or stamp with multiple colors – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Heart Shaped Eats

Shaping food is an easy and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sure heart shaped cookies are always a hit, but there are lots of other foods that can be shaped too. Using a cookie cutter – or even just a sharp knife – cut sandwiches, slices of cheese and lunch meat into heart shapes. Slice apples or strawberries from the top to the bottom to create a natural heart. Pancakes, waffles, toast and crispy treats are perfect for shaping too.

Shredded Paper Hearts

Low mess and easy motor skill practice makes this a perfect craft for even the tiniest hands! Grab a stack of construction paper – it can even be used as long ask it’s ok to be torn up. Have small hands help, or prep the craft by tearing the paper into small, 1/2 sections. The pieces do not have to be perfect, in fact, the less uniform, the better! Use lots of paper colors, one color or just a few colors.

Next, take a heavy sheet of paper and draw a large heart on it. Then with a glue stick, have your children fill in the heart with the little pieces of paper. In no time you’ll have beautiful mosaic hearts!

I Heart Cereal Bird Feeder

We can’t leave out our feathered friends! This is a great project for any little bodies that are anxious to get outdoors. Using pipe cleaners, create a heart shape. Then grab any cereal that has a hole in the middle and string it along the pipe cleaner. Reshape as need be and twist to close when the heart is filled. Tie a ribbon or string and hang it where you can see if from a window so you can watch the birds enjoy their treat!