Appropriate Chores for All Ages

kids working on a white board chore chart

It can be a challenge keeping up with our homes as well as our kids! Studies have shown that when children contribute to the house keeping process, they are more appreciative of their space as well as what it takes to keep it tidy. In addition, children who participate in chores experience a sense of accomplishment that has positive effects on many aspects of their lives. Think your kids are too young to do chores? You might be surprised! Here are some easy and some more challenging tasks that your kids can do:

Ages 2-3

Toddlers love to mimic their parents and caregivers! Getting to do work like you do is fun. Let toddlers participate in clean up activities, but manage your expectations. Simple tasks like putting toys back in a bucket are reasonable… eventhough they may love to play with the vacuum, chances are they’re not going to get the entire house done!

  • Put dirty clothes in a hamper
  • Sort toys into buckets (stuffed animals vs books)
  • Throw trash away
  • Move clothes from the washer to the dryer
  • Begin to make the bed
  • Fold simple things like small towels or blankets

Ages 4- 5

Preschoolers love responsibility. Upping their chores is a big milestone and one that’s great as they grow – literally. Since they’re now taller, they can reach new tasks. Also designing how you organize your home can make little hands able to help with more – like closets and drawers. Making it easier to reach and fold means they can help with more.

  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Set the table
  • Wipe down bathroom – disinfecting wipes are a great tool
  • Wash windows
  • Feed pets
  • Water plants
  • Match socks, fold underwear

Ages 6 -8

In addition to all of the above chores, elementary school kids can take on much more!

  • Vacuum
  • Take trash / trash cans to curb
  • Get mail
  • Rake leaves / weeding / yard work
  • Meal prep – making lunches for school
  • Laundry start to finish!
  • Clean out backpacks and bags

Having your kids help with house hold duties not only helps you, but it teaches children basic life skills that they will always need. If you’re struggling to get kids motivated, consider a small prize for their hard work. Keeping track of tasks on a chart is also helpful so that kids can manage their own time. Freedom to work when they want to can often mean the difference between a fight and success.

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