3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom

youthland academy mother's day activities

Happy Mother’s Day! While we believe moms deserve more than just one day of appreciation, we also believe in making the most of that day too. Here are three ways to enjoy Mother’s Day and celebrate together:

Beautiful Bouquets

Why buy a bouquet that will end up in the trash? Instead, pick up different colors of tissue paper and create a craft that you can enjoy all year long! Tissue paper flowers are not only easy to make, they’re pretty and fun too. Vary the stacks of tissue paper to create variations in the flowers and or in the bouquet. Make the paper longer or shorter to change the size of the flowers. Look up pictures of your favorite flowers and see if you can work together to make a paper replica!

Hand Prints, Finger Prints, Foot Prints – oh My!

Crafts that are made of your children’s hands, feet and even finger prints are a sweet way to preserve precious memories of your kiddos. Clay, paint, stamp ink, cut outs  – the list of options goes on and on. If you’re intimidated by crafting, look through what you already have on hand and then search a craft to fit it. It’s amazing what you can create from even the simplest items. Focus on the time spent together rather than the outcome of the craft.

Oldies, But Goodies

Sometimes the old tried and true ideas are the best! Let your kids make you breakfast in bed – or if you think they need a little help, make breakfast together and then snuggle back in and enjoy together. If eating in bed is not your thing, switch to a picnic. They can pack it, or you can assist and hit the road! You can go far or stay close to home, just find some outdoor space to enjoy a meal together. Pack some additional fun like cards, balls or other games to add to the fun.

Lastly, if the weather is not picnic ready yet, head to a local spot for some quality time together. Museums, galleries, flower shops and other stores all have events (and usually free!) around your town. Do a quick search online or your local news station to find some close fun.