Celebrate Mom

black mother and son hug and smile for camera

Happy Mother’s Day! Get ready to celebrate Mom this Sunday, May 12th with a few of our ideas. Because for all Mom does for you, she needs some pampering! But, the rule is, Mom gets to decide which activities the family is going to do together:

Hit the Road

Plan a day trip, or even just a quick trip across town to a fun attraction. Head to a state park for some hiking and a picnic. Explore famous landmarks in your town or state. Even heading to a local museum or garden to enjoy the sites. Whether it’s near or far, make the trip an adventure!

Make an At Home Spa for Mom

Treat Mom to some pampering! Create an at home spa by laying towels on a chair and giving Mom a comfy robe to settle in. Create treatments like a soothing foot soak with this recipe that has lemon and spearmint oil in a tub of warm water.

While Mom’s feet are soaking, treat her skin to a soothing face mask. Mix up this creation of 1 mashed banana, 1/4 cup plain yogurt and 1 tsp of honey. Gently apply it to Mom’s face and let her sit back and relax for 20 minutes before washing with cool water.

Family Reading Time

All Moms love some time to sit and read their favorite book or magazine. Create family reading time by having everyone in the house grab a book of their choice and snuggle in together. Grab blankets and pillows and create a reading nook, or just cozy up on the couch. Designate an amount of time where everyone will be devoted to quiet reading so that Mom can enjoy.

If your littles don’t read on their own yet, make time to read together as a family. After books are done, have your children draw pictures about what they read while Mom sneaks in some reading time on her own!