Avoiding Summer Brain Drain

child using right hand to write with a red pencil

Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready to keep your little minds learning all summer long? If you need a few ideas, we’ve got some great ones to say no to summer brain drain and hello to brain gains!

Find or Create Your Own Reading Contest

Check out your local library, rec center, museum or even school library for summer reading programs and or contests. Many offer free programs where your child will be encouraged to read and even earn prizes!

Or, start your own program! Create a chart like this one to use at home. Create individual goals for kids and keep track of progress. Consider offering a small reward like a prize, treat or even an outing for meeting goals.

If your kids need even more incentive to read, consider making a neighborhood “little library” book sharing spot. Encourage book sharing and reading with a library and comfy bench to sit at. Let friends, family and of course neighbors know to come by and swap books!

Break Out the Board Games

Silly as it may seem, board games can be great for keeping skills sharp! Look for games that encourage counting, spelling and reading. Monopoly, Scrabble and Yahtzee are all easy for young players to understand and require players to use their skills to solve problems.

Use Screen Time Wisely

Avoiding screen time completely may not be an option. So why not use it to your advantage? Before using screens for entertainment, encourage your kids to do some fun games to keep their brains sharp.

Prodigy Game and XtraMath are online games that require math skills to solve problems. Favorite programs like PBS Kids offer an entire website with varying levels of activities and subjects. Topics like colors and shapes up to math and spelling. Encourage typing skills using online games as well.

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