Back to the Routine

young child writing with a red pencil back to the routine



Wow how time flies! We were just posting about how to enjoy your winter break and now it’s time to talk about how to get back into they every day routine. Need some ideas on how to get started? Here are our tips on how to make that transition back to reality a smooth one:

Start Now

Don’t wait until the night before school starts to get back to a regular bed time. Start at least 5 days before break is over to work back into a normal bed time. If break has gotten the regular routine way off track, move bed time up by 15 minutes a night until you’re back where you want to be. And don’t forget the bedtime routine! Practice the same habits every night. Whether it’s bath time, story time, snuggles – whatever the agenda and order is, just keep it consistent.

Manage Expectations

Sure you have been thinking about break ending and getting back to the regular routine, but your kids are still in vacation mode. Help them understand and anticipate the upcoming changes. Talk through what’s ahead in the coming days, getting to bed earlier, etc. Make a family calendar – use pictures and or color coordinate each day. For example; school days = yellow, weekends = green, after school activities = purple and so on. Have your child mark each day so they stay on track and know what to expect.

Get Them Involved

When working back into your standard routine, ask you kids what they do on a school day. Get their brains working around what they need to do and then help them fill in the blanks. After you’ve talked through the details, figure out what can be done ahead of time. Lay out clothes, shoes and backpacks. Pack up essentials. Plan breakfasts, prep lunches – and let your kids be part of the process.

If letting your child choose from an entire closet of clothes or a full refrigerator spells disaster, lower the number of available choices. Instead of any pants, choose 2-3 that they can then select from.