Back to the Routine

youthland back to routines

Happy new year! With the exciting prospect of a new year ahead, we are also realizing that the holiday break is quickly coming to a close. It’s amazing how even just a few days without our schedule can disrupt our routines! In an effort to ease back into our normal routines, and maybe even establish some new healthy ones, here are a few ideas on how to get back to the routine.

Re-establish Bed Times

It may seem a little cruel to cut back on the holiday fun by going to bed at the normal time, but the sooner you can do it, the better. Easing back into that standard time should lessen the fight when it’s time to go back to school.

If you’re kids are way off track, start in small increments. Start the bed time routine 10 minutes earlier. Then another 10 the next night until you’re back to the right time.

Prep Prep Prep

Don’t wait until the first day back to school to get ready. Get those backpacks cleaned out, lunch boxes packed and clothes laid out now. Find lost shoes, locate uniforms and other essentials that might have slipped from their rightful locations.

Pack lunches, load up backpacks and fill up water bottles the night before the kids head back. And for parents, pack your bags too. Prep your coffee, lunches – even breakfasts. Do as much as possible ahead of time to make the first days back run as smoothly as possible.

New year, New Schedule

Before the chaos of back to school starts, get out any schedules, calendars or hand outs from school. Recreate your family calendar for the next week and month. Be sure to include any new practice times, birthdays and events for a clear view of what’s coming up and what is changing.

No matter which part of this plan you’re tackling, be sure to include your kids! Let them know the importance of preparing and planning. Ask them about what they’re excited to do when they get back to school and what they are looking forward to sharing about their break. Make them a part of choosing their clothes or making lunches – anything that makes them part of the process will give them the opportunity to also mentally prepare that it’s time to get back to their routine.