6 Acts of Kindness to do as a Family

hands making a heart as kindness


Sometimes finding quality time together as a family can be tough. Varying schedules can add to the difficulty of finding time to spend together. But sometimes if we look beyond the obvious ways to be together – dinner, religious times, holidays – we can find some really wonderful new experiences to share with one another. One out-of-the-ordinary way to spend time together is by planning and then carrying out acts of kindness. These gestures don’t have to be grand, in fact sometimes smaller is better! Here are 6 of our favorite ways to spend time together as a family spreading some kindness to those around you.

Write a Letter

Simple notes are a beautiful way to brighten someone’s day! And they’re a great way for little hands to practice writing too. Write a letter to a family member that you don’t see very often. If your child doesn’t write yet, talk with them about what the letter should say and then help them sign their name and or draw a picture to include.

Little notes to the people in your life every day like a teacher, mailman, bus driver and classmates are all potential recipients of a sweet gesture. Let them know how special they are to you, how much you appreciate them and or their work.


This is another “double” win! Not only do you do something great for those in need, but your home gets a clean up as well. Clear out clothing, books, household goods and or toys that are gently used. Find a local chairity or even a school that can put your items to good use.

Help a Neighbor

Something as simple as taking in  your neighbor’s trash can or their newspaper can be a big gesture for your neighbor. Raking leaves, sweeping sidewalks or any other kind of yard work is a wonderful way to show someone some kindness. Focus on neighbors who need the most help; the elderly, someone who has been sick or even a family with a new baby.


Look for local charities, schools and other organizations that are need of volunteers – either year round or on a seasonal basis. Local pet shelters need feeders, walker and even people to read to the shelter animals. Talk about a fun way to practice new reading skills! Soup kitchens and other food based organizations need help not only serving food, but preparing it, organizing, cleaning, etc.

Even organizing a neighborhood clean up is a wonderful way to serve your community. And don’t forget about your teachers! They can always use help preparing class materials, cleaning or organizing.

Make New Friends

Are there any new families in your school or neighborhood? Seek them out and invite them to a play date or even dinner to welcome them to the area.

Create Kindness Kits

These are a wonderful way to spread kindness to those that are less fortunate and to allow our children to do something for the homeless community. Fill reusable bags with socks, lip balm, sunscreen, water, hand wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste – basically any personal hygiene products that a homeless person may not have access to. Keep the kits handy when you see a homeless person, or go out on a mission to pass them all out in a day.