8 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

8 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Halloween is right around the corner with lots of tricks and treats to be had. Are you looking for a great costume idea for your kid that you can pull together at the last minute? We’ve got the list for you! Check out these 8 fun and unique Halloween costume ideas that are simple and creative!

1st Place Trophy

All this one requires is an old uniform, gold spray paint, and a piece of sporting equipment. You’ll want to spray paint everything gold, making sure you have adequate time to dry between coats. You’ll also want to paint a cardboard box to resemble a trophy stand. On the box, write what the trophy was for, and have your child practice standing on the box in their best pose!

Shower Loofah

For this one, you’ll need some old sweatpants and a tee shirt, hot glue, and some tulle. Glue the tulle onto the shirt and pants, using a real loofah for inspiration. Affix a string to the top of their head to complete the look.

Rubik’s Cube

This is a fun and simple costume that your littles can help you make! All you’ll need is a box, construction paper, and some glue. Using a box that is the appropriate size for your child, cut out holes for their arms and head. On the opposite side, cut off the two end flaps so that they can easily take the costume on and off over their head. Measure our 9 squares on each side, gluing a different color of construction paper on each. You can solve the puzzle or mix the colors up, it’s completely up to you!


This Lego costume will also require a box, some small plastic cups, solid-colored tee shirts, and some paint. Cut arm holes and leg holes, ensuring the box fits your child comfortably. You could also use cardboard and create the look in a sandwich-board type fashion. Glue the cups to the board and spray paint a primary color. Each family member can be a different hue if looking for a group option.


Taking inspiration from this costume, you can quickly make a cute lumberjack costume using simple materials you may already have. A winter hat, flannel shirt, jeans, suspenders, felt, and some cardboard will be all you need for this one. Utilizing the felt for the beard and the cardboard for an ax, your little one will be ready to chop down some trees in no time!

Gumball Machine

Using some pom-poms, an old winter hat, and red clothing will help you to create this fun and simple costume. Affix the pom-poms to the hat to resemble the gumballs, and ensure all hair is tucked in when wearing. Add red pants and a tee shirt to resemble a stand.

Scuba Diver

This cute and simple costume can easily be made from items around your house. You’ll need black clothing to resemble a wet suit, two two-liter bottles, paint, rope, and some black electrical tape. Paint the 2-liter bottles to look like air tanks and attach them to your child’s back using the rope. Add accessories such as a net, goggles, or construction paper fish.

A Person From Outer Space

Using some silver duct tape and hand-me-down jammies, wrap the tape around the clothing. Make sure the shirt and pants are larger than what your child would normally wear. Head to the Dollar Store for a plunger. Then spray paint it silver or break out some more duct tape, and attach it to your child’s head as a futuristic space hat.

Do you have a unique DIY Halloween costume you are making for your child this year? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments!