6 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

She changed your diapers, put Band-Aids on your boo-boos and took care of you when you were sick – yes, Mom has been there for you all along. Now that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to show her some appreciation for all of her maternal awesomeness. Yeah, you could go for the classic bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates, but why not try something a little more creative this time around? Below are six unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

1. Create a Memory Jar
Using colorful acrylic paints, decorate a mason jar in your mom’s favorite colors. Now take several slips of paper (about the size of Post-It notes) and write down some of your favorite memories that you’ve shared with your mom. Have other family members write down their favorite memories as well, and then stuff the jar with these thoughtful paper slips. When Mother’s Day comes, spend time reviewing these memories with your mom.

2. Put Together a Picture Puzzle
There are several companies such as Printer’s Studio and Portrait Puzzles that can transform the photograph of your choice into a jigsaw puzzle. Find one of your favorite images of you and your mom together (you can include siblings if you like), and take some time to put it together with Mom on Mother’s Day.

3. Buy Her a One-of-a-Kind Gift
It’s easy to scoop up a run-of-the-mill Mother’s Day gift from your average big box retail store, but why give her something so uninspired? Thanks to the magic of the internet, there are several excellent websites that offer one-of-a-kind handmade gifts from talented artisans, such as Etsy, ArtFire, Made It Myself, and Uncommon Goods.

4. Get Creative at an Art Studio
More than likely, you can find an art studio within driving distance that offers some kind of painting, pottery or sculpture-making class where you can create a whimsical work of art in one sitting. Take Mom with you so that both of you can have fun flexing your creative muscles on Mother’s Day!

5. Create a Video Tribute
Round up family members, friends, loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers who know your mom, and conduct video interviews in which they can share some of their favorite memories, funny stories, and other interesting anecdotes that will put a smile on her face. Assemble these clips into a video montage that you can play for your mom (or even share on social media) on Mother’s Day.

6. Put Together a Personalized Shadowbox
Gather up several small objects that you know will have special meaning to your mom – e.g., ticket stubs from a play you saw together, a matchbook from one of her favorite restaurants, a wedding invitation, etc. – and arrange them in a beautifully decorated shadowbox display. Every time she looks at it, she will be reminded of some of her favorite memories.

After all that Mom has invested into your life, it only makes sense to show her a little love and appreciation. Keep the above tips in mind to make this Mother’s Day one that she’ll remember for years to come!