6 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

6 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Long gone are the days when the tooth fairy would simply leave a coin or two. Today’s tooth fairy has all sorts of tricks up her sleeve. While some may consider it a bit “extra” or over the top, these small details can truly make this milestone a memorable one. Here are 6 of our favorite creative tooth fairy ideas that we know your kids will love!

Leave a Note

While the tooth fairy often brings some monetary compensation for the lost tooth, she also likes to leave a note or receipt to prove she was there. You can create a quick note yourself. Find some inspiration on Pinterest. Or even buy already made notes and receipts on Etsy. These little notes can turn into momentos or be put in scrapbooks to be cherished for years to come.

Creative Packaging

There are lots of ways to creatively package both the tooth and the money the tooth fairy leaves behind. You can make or order a pillow for the tooth. Or create a special box in which you will place the tooth for safekeeping. Once your child is asleep, the tooth can be replaced for cold hard cash. Going this route can help you make the switch, even if you have light sleepers.

Fairy Money

We all know that fairies don’t use any ordinary money. Dollars from the tooth fairy can be sparkly or folded into a number of great designs. To add some bling to your dollar bills, break out the glitter nail polish or hairspray. You can use origami folding techniques to add even more magic to your dollar bills.

Dollar Coins

While nobody is going to complain about receiving paper money, some kids will find receiving dollar coins much more exciting! Before the tooth fairy makes her appearance, head on over to the bank to pick up a few Sacagawea dollar coins or head over to the US Mint to order a few American Innovation Dollars.

More Than Just Money

Many parents will take the visit from the tooth fairy to make sure that their child is stocked up on the right dental supplies. In addition to a small trinket received in exchange for the tooth, the tooth fairy has also been known to bring toothpaste, floss, or a new toothbrush.

Help Her Find Her Way

Nobody wants the tooth fairy to get lost. Along with your child, you can create a path or a map to show the tooth fairy exactly where to go. Fairy doors are a popular Etsy item, providing ease of access from the fairy’s house to yours. Once the fairy has come and gone, don’t forget to leave a few tiny footprints!

Will the tooth fairy be making an appearance at your house any time soon? We want to know what she will be doing when she gets to your house this year. Let us know on Facebook!