5 Reasons We Love Daycare

Finding the right fit for childcare can be tough! There are so many options to consider in addition to what works best for your child – cost, what works for your whole family, location, timing – it can be overwhelming.

That said, we’re excited to share with you the 5 reasons why we think daycare centers are the best way to care for growing minds.

  • Single Purpose Organization

Single purpose organization means that daycare center care givers have one focus during their work day; your child. There are no household distractions or unscheduled visitors, rather the day is centered around providing education through play based curriculum, without outside interruptions.

  • Reliable Resource

Thankfully, daycare centers are always able to provide service for your children – even if and employee has a sick day. Caregivers are always able to fill in for someone who is sick which ensures that your kids will always have a healthy place to learn –  and you don’t miss work.

  • Licensing and Certification

Daycare centers are licensed, inspected and regulated by each state. Caregivers are certified as well, creating not only a safe environment for your child, but it also guarantees that the educational standards in the daycare are up to date.

  • Cost Effective

In addition to all of these amazing benefits, daycare centers are cost effective too! One of the most reasonable child care options, daycare centers offer affordable, reliable and educational care.

  • Multi-Dimensional

Daycare centers often have several age groups of children being cared for. While each group is educated in a way that is age appropriate, group play and meals are often shared across all ages. These social settings allow younger children to model their older peers and the older children to care for younger friends. This social learning time is essential to teaching through example as well as giving children an opportunity to learn and demonstrate empathy.