5 Life Lessons Your Child Learns Through Play

5 Life Lessons Your Child Learns Through Play

Some of the most valuable lessons kids learn aren’t in the classroom but on the playground. Play is a critical part of development that helps children to build all sorts of lifelong skills. Below are just a few of the lessons your child learns through play!

Leadership Skills

While nobody likes a bossy-pants, leadership skills are formed right here on the playground. Games are taught, ideas are formed, and house is played. Whether kids are playing a sport or using their imagination in a treehouse, they are learning about leadership, influence, and social structures.

Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate is an important skill for young ones to master. Simply chatting with a friend, carrying on a conversation, is an important part of improving these skills. Kids learn what is ok to say, what isn’t ok to say, and how their words can affect others. Developing these social skills will benefit your children for the rest of their lives.


Nobody likes to feel left out. From a very young age, children should be shown the importance of including others. They should also learn how to approach and talk to new people, a skill that is developed every day on playgrounds across America.

Conflict Resolution

This is one of the biggest and most important lessons children learn while playing. Kids will bicker over toys, over who’s turn it is, and over who got tagged out. Feelings can be easily hurt. However, forgiveness is quick to happen too. Being able to resolve differences, without the interference of an adult, is a huge life lesson.


All kids have been known to tell little white lies. This behavior typically tapers off as they get older. This is in part because of interactions with their peers. If a kid is caught in a lie, their classmates will be quick to call them out. Nobody wants to be caught in a lie. Playing with others, sharing experiences, and learning right from wrong will all help to keep your kid honest.

You’ll be surprised by the valuable lessons your child learns through play! What are some of your favorite ways to play? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below!