5 Great Ways to Show Some Love for National Teacher Appreciation Day!

5 Great Ways to Show Some Love for National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Teachers are truly some of the greatest people on earth. They’re selfless, dedicated, and caring as they guide young minds, teach the basics, and have a lot of fun. We love all of our teachers here at Youthland Academy, and we’ve come up with some fun ways to honor them and all of the teachers in your life for teacher appreciation day.

Teacher Swag

A teacher can never have too many bags, notebooks, or water bottles. Whether they are writing up lesson plans, carrying in craft supplies, or simply trying to stay hydrated throughout the day, these items are always a big hit with teachers and school staff. Bonus points if these items are personalized with your teacher’s name or something they like such as a particular flower or animal.  


Who doesn’t love a delicious treat? Whether you cater lunch or make a homemade treat, the teachers and staff will be grateful for the delicious food and full bellies. A few ideas include donuts and coffee, a pizza party, or even a pot-luck, with food brought in by the parents. Food is a great way to show some love that can accommodate any budget.


Spring is the perfect time to give the gift of a plant. Unlike flowers, plants will last, and can quickly add beauty to any space. Depending on the variety, the teacher can keep the plant in their classroom, sharing it with their students throughout the year. Try to find out what kinds of plants and flowers your teacher likes ahead of time so that you can surprise them with something they love.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the surefire gift that you know will always go over well. You can offer gift cards for local restaurants, coffee shops, or for stores like Walmart or Target. Depending on the teacher, you can get something more personalized, preferably to a store they like. Another fun idea when creating gifts for multiple teachers is to get a few envelopes, with a different gift card in each. Have the teachers select one at random for a fun and thoughtful surprise.

End-of-the-Year Supplies

From preschool through high school, many teachers out there are using their own money to buy school supplies. As a true token of appreciation, you can help them get off to a great start by loading them up with supplies for the year ahead. Things like paper, crayons, glue sticks and snacks seem to fly off the shelves in classrooms with younger students. A great way to show appreciation for the past year is to create a gift basket with these supplies, along with things like dry-erase markers and maybe coffee.

How Will You Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day?

What are some great ways you have seen people honor school staff during teacher appreciation day? We would love to hear some of your ideas! Reach out on Facebook to tell us more!