5 Fun and Original Ways to Entertain the Kids When it’s Cold Outside

5 Fun and Original Ways to Entertain the Kids When it's Cold Outside

As the temperatures drop, coming up with ways to entertain the kids can feel challenging. After only a few minutes, you’ll likely hear the dreaded words… “I’m bored!” Instead of plopping the kids in front of the TV, enjoy some fun and unique ideas to keep them entertained when it gets cold outside.

Host a Football Party

Not a fan? That’s ok? Pick a team and go all out. Decorate the house, and support them by wearing team colors. You can take it one step further by basing your menu on the team’s region.

Organize Pictures and Photo Albums

The cold weather offers the perfect opportunity for scanning, organizing, and getting your favorite photos in frames and albums. It’s the perfect opportunity to share family stories and memories over a warm glass of cocoa. Don’t have pictures? Take some! The cold weather will allow you to set up a fun photo shoot.

Have a Pizza Party

But not just any pizza party. Get together as a family to make your own! You can head to the grocery store for some dough or make it from scratch. Then, indulge in all of your family’s requested toppings. Set everything up and let your family get creative with the pizzas they create!

Bake a Gourmet Cake

If you’d rather create something sweet, baking and decorating a cake can be fun for the whole family. Go online to get some inspiration, then get creative with your cake icing, toppings, and colors. If you have a competitive family, go Master Chef style, and have everyone decorate their own cake. You can bake them ahead of time in order to focus on the fun part!

Learn a New Skill

This winter will have plenty of cold days, so why not encourage your kids to learn a new skill during this time? It could be juggling, learning a new language, or playing an instrument. Show your kids that practice and hard work can really pay off when they apply themselves to a new skill. What new skills will your kids have next spring?

Do you have any great ideas to entertain the kids when it is cold outside? Let us know some of your favorite activities over on Facebook!