5 Fun Activities to Encourage Hands-On Learning for Your Toddler

4 Fun Activities to Encourage Hands-On Learning for Your Toddler

Hands-on learning is important for all sorts of reasons. It helps children with critical thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, and the development of motor skills. Learning through experience can be much more effective than simply being told about it. Hands-on learning engages multiple areas of a child’s brain and can be much more fun and engaging than a standard lesson. We encourage hands-on learning whenever possible here at Youthland Academy. Here are a few great hands-on learning activities you can do with your child at home!

4 Fun Activities to Encourage Hands-On Learning

Have a Puppet Show

Putting on a great show takes a lot of work! From script writing to costume design to set building, there are a variety of hands-on tasks that can be fun to do with your toddler. Get creative with a pair of socks, some yarn, googly eyes, or whatever you have laying around the house. Then have your child tell you what the story should be about. Together, create some dialogue, a storyline, and a grand finale. Don’t forget the set. This can be as simple as a spruced-up cardboard box, or you can get something pre-made. Either way, you’re sure to put on a memorable show.

Play Games

Playing games are fun whether you are young or old. There are all sorts of board games for toddlers that can teach skills in language, numbers, telling time, colors, and shapes.  A few of our favorite board games for toddlers include Count Your Chickens, Yeti in My Spaghetti, and Outfoxed. Dice, dominoes, and card games can help learn numbers and develop a familiarity with math.

Have Fun in the Kitchen

There are many skills that can be taught by making a meal together in the kitchen. Pouring, mixing, and measuring are just the beginning. Your child can also learn about time, patience, and attention to detail. It is a great hands-on bonding activity that most children will love. Whether you make homemade pasta, ice cream, or your Saturday night dinner, you’re sure to make memories, while helping your little one learn valuable skills.

Plant Something and Watch it Grow

A wonderful activity to do with your child is to plant some seeds and watch them grow. Sowing seeds and providing sun, water, and the right soil are all great lessons. There is also a great feeling of reward in seeing a small seed, turn into a mighty plant. You can garden anywhere. Whether you choose a backyard garden or a flow box on your window sill, your kids will take great pride in this hands-on activity.

Curriculum Based on Discovery

Youthland Academy’s hands-on curriculum and child-directed learning programs stimulate and guide your child’s natural love for learning. Our programs are designed to guide your child through the completion of important preschool cognitive skills at a pace that is just right for young, eager minds. You can learn more about our curriculum here.